Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Suit bites

Aik got some suit bites today. I guided him into armpit bite because his first was pretty low, when on target he is pretty good, I like what I see for now. On back bite, after he bites he tries to position himself in front of decoy... :)

And we have 20 SECONDS DOWN :)

Have to stop using kong; he is getting chewie while holding it and it is easier for me to calm his mouth while using PVC pipe.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Inventing hot water...

...I am sooo proud of myself... LOL

I guess nobody doing ring is reading this blog or I would already be slapped for 'my cool new approaches in dog training'.

Yea, I will train large article search by teaching position at box - revolution in dog training, straight from horses mouth. LOL

...and than I browse some obscure ring forums where database eats posts and see that those funky people use that approach to teach; get this -JUMPS, guard, send away etc...

Anyway, on topic of actual training - Aik got some more chain time, no bites this time; he was really pissed. He is starting putting himself into heeling position for every freaking thing he wants now, those two braincells in that huge head have finally got the picture :)
If I did know what I was doing NOW would be the time to name that behavior, not before while I was still shaping it. But, hey no biggie right? Just for future reference.

On the subject of lounging at cars - just to say that looking away from car is starting to be more amusing :)
Yes prong was working, but only for that and for dog aggression(he is still being jerk)) - we are all 'Karen Pryor minus clicker now'. Or are trying to be.

All that cool stuff with that, don't laugh now 'coucher'??? :), with jumps and send away and all... man can't wait to try that out. Yes, I do know how to make dog jump and stay in place on other side of jump (you just go 'hop' when dog gets on the other side you jell 'BLEEEEIF' :), or prong the shit out of them if they don't jump or stay in place*). But this is different; they use marker as schH people do when training send away. No, what really is amusing me is that I was so stupid and unimaginative that I missed such simple and obviously effective technique with which you can teach so many 'different' excercises. Guess that is what they mean when they say to break down excercises to small parts. Many of them have same parts. OOOOoooo I might overheat from all this thinking.

Damn those clicker folks and their touch sticks... LOL

keep it simple stupid ;)

Too many beers and peanuts in last post.

* just kidding here OK

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Beer, peanuts and a dog

Today I had to repeat my exams for military service. This was third time.... First time it was all ok, than I went to college, and after moving I had to go again (they were going through some 'changes') - that was when they gave me one year pass because of my 'bad hearing'.... SHeeesh I can't hear below 25Hz or something... This year they call me again.

First to get some things straight - military service in Croatia is A MUST! Now they are going through some changes, because keeping soo much people doing nothing for a year costs money :) So they fuck with you by sending you to those exams over and over. I know people that WANT to go to army and can't get in (nothing wrong with them). I don't want to go because all I see from it is waste of time and taxpayers money. Don't get all 'patriotic shit' on me now... because it has nothing to do with this. This stuff is just lack of organization and big government body eating money.

Back to theme of this blog - soooo, after eight hours in hospital, waiting, doing exams, waiting some more (yeah, nurses shure are cute and friendly - but eight hours!! for something that could be done in 3 hours max...), I was driving home (yes, I had to go to another town for exams) and whooops there is some idiot in BMW 7 driving wrong way in my track??? Stupid moron can't read signs that told him that he was OFF FREEWAY AND ONTO TWO WAY ROAD!

Who goes out of the way? Fucking me, in my old Alfa 33... guy in bmw was paralyzed. bleh...

So what do you need? Beer and peanuts and a dog!
Go out, drink some beer, eat some peanuts and do some positions with dog. For some reason they like peanuts :)

Aik finaly learned that 'uz' does not mean to spin his butt whole circle, but to place himself into nice position by my left leg. And he keeps it :) Forward, backward, sideways... I was pissed from all the stuff before but now I am just happy.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Just few bites

We were down at training field today. We are very lucky to have our training field only about 2 1/2 km through the wood from my house. So we are there pretty much every day (i am, different dogs...).

Aik got some chain time :)
After that two bites and a 'stealed' sleeve and that was that for that session. Bites were full and calm, he counters quickly if he did not have full first bite. After he wins sleeve we make circle and then he goes running to decoy for some more. Again good barking and guard over sleeve.

Oh, if someone (like me) have not read this yet (although it is 15 years old) - go, GO read it please - even if you don't do FR!

The Basic Philosophy of Ring Sport

Take care!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Round and round we go

So we tried that plan for article search! He still does not get what I want, although he is standing on box and barking. Seems to be fun for him more than for me... :)

When I wait too long before marking he spins his butt whole circle around box - same thing he does if I don't mark soon enough for heel position, some idiot was not clear if he wanted to teach position or finish... So he is spinning like mad.

Not much else, oh yea - we have solid TEN SECONDS DOWN! wooohooo - then you get bitten if you don't give revard. But that ten seconds is really nice. Staring into eyes and stuff...

His leg still seems to hurt, but is fleshing out because he is using it much more now (no limping anymore - just one yelp when he smashed into me this morning).

Also not much of an training issue, but stupid is not lifting his leg yet :)
It really cracks me up - he is pissing on his front feet... LOL

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Little man is growing

Today we went to training ground, came half an hour earlier than other so we can work some positions without distraction.

I have thrown him kong couple of times, he still has to be reminded to bring it to me with long line but that is coming along just fine. Letting go of it is another story, again not something I have problem with right now.

Sits are nice and fast, but there is confusion with down and heel and barking. We have to go few steps back there and see where am I confusing him.

He got few bites, all deep and calm. Does not want to trade sleeve for kong and will try to bite decoys hand over sleeve. (I make him drop the sleeve, put him slightly out of reach and than decoy tries to 'steal' sleeve). Pretty nice guarding behavior.

Some 'small' fighting issues when I was taking him off the chain or when I tried to force him into down after making him release sleeve he was carrying.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look mom, he is even planning now...

'What's this? Is this guy some kind of slacker?? What kind of training blog is this, no training going on?? WORK THAT DOG TILL HE BURNS!'

Ofcourse not... though I am slacker. Laaaazy with things I don't want to do.
Dog training is not one of them. :)

Today was not Aik's day, it was Xena's day. So we worked with her. But she does not belong into Project 'ph wannabe'.

I am thinking of starting teaching Aik large article search. We will do it wrong way ofcourse :)
We will start by teaching him to bark his brains off while standing on the box (that is for those nice pictures with lots of teeth and nice guard :)). When I get that we will se what next.

Maybe we get nice behavior that will be usable for teaching object guard? Fun, fun!