Thursday, November 10, 2005

Beer, peanuts and a dog

Today I had to repeat my exams for military service. This was third time.... First time it was all ok, than I went to college, and after moving I had to go again (they were going through some 'changes') - that was when they gave me one year pass because of my 'bad hearing'.... SHeeesh I can't hear below 25Hz or something... This year they call me again.

First to get some things straight - military service in Croatia is A MUST! Now they are going through some changes, because keeping soo much people doing nothing for a year costs money :) So they fuck with you by sending you to those exams over and over. I know people that WANT to go to army and can't get in (nothing wrong with them). I don't want to go because all I see from it is waste of time and taxpayers money. Don't get all 'patriotic shit' on me now... because it has nothing to do with this. This stuff is just lack of organization and big government body eating money.

Back to theme of this blog - soooo, after eight hours in hospital, waiting, doing exams, waiting some more (yeah, nurses shure are cute and friendly - but eight hours!! for something that could be done in 3 hours max...), I was driving home (yes, I had to go to another town for exams) and whooops there is some idiot in BMW 7 driving wrong way in my track??? Stupid moron can't read signs that told him that he was OFF FREEWAY AND ONTO TWO WAY ROAD!

Who goes out of the way? Fucking me, in my old Alfa 33... guy in bmw was paralyzed. bleh...

So what do you need? Beer and peanuts and a dog!
Go out, drink some beer, eat some peanuts and do some positions with dog. For some reason they like peanuts :)

Aik finaly learned that 'uz' does not mean to spin his butt whole circle, but to place himself into nice position by my left leg. And he keeps it :) Forward, backward, sideways... I was pissed from all the stuff before but now I am just happy.


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