Monday, November 14, 2005

Inventing hot water...

...I am sooo proud of myself... LOL

I guess nobody doing ring is reading this blog or I would already be slapped for 'my cool new approaches in dog training'.

Yea, I will train large article search by teaching position at box - revolution in dog training, straight from horses mouth. LOL

...and than I browse some obscure ring forums where database eats posts and see that those funky people use that approach to teach; get this -JUMPS, guard, send away etc...

Anyway, on topic of actual training - Aik got some more chain time, no bites this time; he was really pissed. He is starting putting himself into heeling position for every freaking thing he wants now, those two braincells in that huge head have finally got the picture :)
If I did know what I was doing NOW would be the time to name that behavior, not before while I was still shaping it. But, hey no biggie right? Just for future reference.

On the subject of lounging at cars - just to say that looking away from car is starting to be more amusing :)
Yes prong was working, but only for that and for dog aggression(he is still being jerk)) - we are all 'Karen Pryor minus clicker now'. Or are trying to be.

All that cool stuff with that, don't laugh now 'coucher'??? :), with jumps and send away and all... man can't wait to try that out. Yes, I do know how to make dog jump and stay in place on other side of jump (you just go 'hop' when dog gets on the other side you jell 'BLEEEEIF' :), or prong the shit out of them if they don't jump or stay in place*). But this is different; they use marker as schH people do when training send away. No, what really is amusing me is that I was so stupid and unimaginative that I missed such simple and obviously effective technique with which you can teach so many 'different' excercises. Guess that is what they mean when they say to break down excercises to small parts. Many of them have same parts. OOOOoooo I might overheat from all this thinking.

Damn those clicker folks and their touch sticks... LOL

keep it simple stupid ;)

Too many beers and peanuts in last post.

* just kidding here OK


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