Saturday, November 05, 2005

Little man is growing

Today we went to training ground, came half an hour earlier than other so we can work some positions without distraction.

I have thrown him kong couple of times, he still has to be reminded to bring it to me with long line but that is coming along just fine. Letting go of it is another story, again not something I have problem with right now.

Sits are nice and fast, but there is confusion with down and heel and barking. We have to go few steps back there and see where am I confusing him.

He got few bites, all deep and calm. Does not want to trade sleeve for kong and will try to bite decoys hand over sleeve. (I make him drop the sleeve, put him slightly out of reach and than decoy tries to 'steal' sleeve). Pretty nice guarding behavior.

Some 'small' fighting issues when I was taking him off the chain or when I tried to force him into down after making him release sleeve he was carrying.


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