Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look mom, he is even planning now...

'What's this? Is this guy some kind of slacker?? What kind of training blog is this, no training going on?? WORK THAT DOG TILL HE BURNS!'

Ofcourse not... though I am slacker. Laaaazy with things I don't want to do.
Dog training is not one of them. :)

Today was not Aik's day, it was Xena's day. So we worked with her. But she does not belong into Project 'ph wannabe'.

I am thinking of starting teaching Aik large article search. We will do it wrong way ofcourse :)
We will start by teaching him to bark his brains off while standing on the box (that is for those nice pictures with lots of teeth and nice guard :)). When I get that we will se what next.

Maybe we get nice behavior that will be usable for teaching object guard? Fun, fun!


Blogger Grant said...

Hi Caruga,

To be as exact as possible I slid my arm under his tummy while he was biting the tug. During which I didn't actually bring "the fight" up by working the tug in my other hand to keep him focused on his grip. I've tried it again since with a calmer voice, slower movement from my arm and some "fight" from the tug and he didn't lose his grip. I'm trying to introduce different distractions to him while he's on a bite so that in the end, the stick, hands, decoy crowding him all becomes "cinema" to him and unimportant. So i guess it's just me doing some foundation in distractions so that he becomes accustomed to all sorts of stuff going on while he's biting and him learning that none of them really matter.
With my GSD I was able to do this right off the bat without any reaction, but my Mal is a different character indeed.

As far as him dropping the grip to attack me, I was probably a little to zealous when i did it. like I said, better result the second time when I slowed it down, and increased the activity on the tug.

Thanks for popping in on my blog.


11:13 AM  

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