Monday, November 07, 2005

Round and round we go

So we tried that plan for article search! He still does not get what I want, although he is standing on box and barking. Seems to be fun for him more than for me... :)

When I wait too long before marking he spins his butt whole circle around box - same thing he does if I don't mark soon enough for heel position, some idiot was not clear if he wanted to teach position or finish... So he is spinning like mad.

Not much else, oh yea - we have solid TEN SECONDS DOWN! wooohooo - then you get bitten if you don't give revard. But that ten seconds is really nice. Staring into eyes and stuff...

His leg still seems to hurt, but is fleshing out because he is using it much more now (no limping anymore - just one yelp when he smashed into me this morning).

Also not much of an training issue, but stupid is not lifting his leg yet :)
It really cracks me up - he is pissing on his front feet... LOL


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