Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Suit bites

Aik got some suit bites today. I guided him into armpit bite because his first was pretty low, when on target he is pretty good, I like what I see for now. On back bite, after he bites he tries to position himself in front of decoy... :)

And we have 20 SECONDS DOWN :)

Have to stop using kong; he is getting chewie while holding it and it is easier for me to calm his mouth while using PVC pipe.


Blogger Grant said...

Sounds like he's coming around nicely Sir! I like that he still sounds good and hectic though when he's wound up... nice trait and makes the training fun! 20 Seconds is great mind you. I'm at about 10-15 seconds with my little guy... patience patience patience.... Happy Training!


5:55 PM  
Blogger dman43 said...

hi, thats great you are into working dogs. email me im in canada. my parents are from sibenik, we can exchange training ideas

6:49 AM  

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