Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tracking and handler stupidity

After few weeks of very bad case of pano, I decided it is about time to start taking Aik to training again.
We have been to some longer walks since he stopped limping, and I laid him two short tracks day before yesterday (cca 20m with rolled burlap sack on the end). It was little windy and cool day and ground cover was short grass. Tracks were with the wind and aged cca 15minutes.

I took him out of the box on our training ground, went across the street and there his nose went down on asphalt (I tried to take him to track start other way than I went when laying it but this was very cool to me that he picked my scent on hard surface so I went after him). He found start of track (I like that and think when you let dog find track by himself as opposed to taking him to it he fees so much more shure of himself, not to talk that he thinks that he is doing what he wants to :)) and I just praised him and let him continue. Short play of tug on the end, back to the box, I laid another track and all again - same. Very pleased.

Today I took him again, there were other dogs and decoy on training ground this time and he was pretty pissed and excited in box slobbering, barking and trying to eat his way out...

I placed one track (cca 30m) near the track I placed day before yesterday (thought it would not matter). No wind and even lower temperature.
Took him to track after 5 minutes. Shoot me I am an idiot.
He took a walk down the track, air scenting first 10m than started pulling like tractor to the end.
I gave him his fight at the end and took him back to the box.

He got two bites from decoy on soft sleeve and then I put him away for that session.

On the end I took him out when everybody was going away and tried some sits and downs with distraction and he did very well, almost biting me when he did not get kong for good sit :)

Oh, why am I tracking if my goal is PH1? Because I wan't to. :)
You never know when will you wan't to go IPO. And there is speurhond also...


Blogger aks said...

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12:36 PM  
Blogger CathyG said...

Just a quick question: What`s cca? :)

2:11 AM  
Blogger caruga said...

cca means 'aproximatively'
Since I can't walk straight and count steps (boy I would have to holm my breath for that LOL) I guess...
Please bear in mind that English is not my first language.

5:20 AM  

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